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Boarding Facility
Boarding Facilities
We believe the most comprehensive GIS experience is that lived by our boarding students. Providing a warm, supportive, and structured environment for students in Classes 4-12, the GIS residential community is a home away from home.
Residential students live in rooms and dormitories, supervised by faculty who live among students on campus with their families in a beautiful neighborhood. Because each dormitory is connected to at least two faculty residences, students learn very quickly that their dorm room is literally an extension of our homes. From family-style dinners shared with dorm parents, to structured evening study halls supervised by faculty, to evening get-togethers at faculty homes, life at GIS balances the structure and discipline necessary for academic success with the nurturing support necessary for personal fulfillment.
Students residing on campus experience a curriculum that encompasses every aspect of their GIS life. The "Values Added" aspect of GIS residence life comes from this 24-hour community where every teachable moment is seized. We believe the comprehensive educational experience lived by resident students is best understood in these categories:
Parents of GIS boarding students frequently comment on the strong relationships their sons and daughters enjoy. An evening spent on our campus affirms this idea.
Self Advocacy and Personal Responsibility
At GIS, we want students to learn to speak up for themselves, to be self advocates, and we want them to do so in a way that shows deference and respect for others in their community.
Self-Discovery and Personal Growth
GIS when students are engaged and motivated to do their best work.
Proximity to Influential Mentors
Students know they will be held accountable every day by teachers who know them well. They know they will be required to produce by teachers who understand their background and potential.
GIS requires its students to not only do what is right, but to do it consistently.